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Vida Court has been carefully designed and built to our exact specification to allow our residents to live healthily, happily and as actively as possible under the expert care of the Vida Court team. Every element of Vida Court has been designed with our residents’ health and well-being in mind.


Dining & Nutrition

Nutritious food plays a big role in keeping elderly and vulnerable people in good health. We understand that encouraging your residents to eat well can be challenging at times – that’s why we put so much effort into creating an extensive choice of nutritious meals and special diet options to ensure our residents not only receive the necessary nutrition but also enjoy mealtimes.

We do have set mealtimes at Vida Court, however, residents can eat when and where they would like, be it in one of our dining areas or in the privacy of their own room.


Wellbeing & Life Enrichment

We know that giving people a sense of purpose and self-worth is vitally important to their wellbeing. Whilst we do have wellbeing facilities, it is en-grained in our staff that it is all of our responsibilities to help our residents live a joyful and fulfilled day. We are focused on maintaining the independence and dignity of our residents. That might be just helping someone make their own cup of tea, or promoting someone to do simple house tasks like washing up and setting the table. Sustaining those every day tasks that sometimes we take for granted.

At Vida Court, there is a TV lounge, café kitchen, coffee shop, cinema, convenience store, faith room, garden rooms and a selection of sitting areas which have been designed to provide a range of opportunities for socialising, taking part in activities or simply enjoying some quiet time.

There are regular activities which residents can choose to take part in if they wish, including musical entertainment, exercise classes and arts & crafts. Residents are also encouraged and supported to pursue their own interests and hobbies.

We are committed to supporting our residents to remain involved in community life. Many of our residents enjoy taking trips to the local parks, farms, gardens, cafes, library, local events, groups or places of worship.

Vida Court


Sensory Courtyard & Balconies

Our sensory courtyard & balconies are calming and peaceful areas. Our philosophy connects the internal to the external, encouraging residents to maintain the health and wellbeing created by spending time outdoors.


Visitors Welcome

Friends and family are a big part of life at Vida – there are no strict visiting times. We run regular family meetings and we also offer support, giving families advice or the opportunity to share their experience of dementia in a supportive setting.


Barbara’s Hair & Beauty Salon

Vida Court has a hair and beauty salon which offers our residents the opportunity to purchase the services of our in-house hairdressers, chiropodist, massage therapists and consultations with other community services.


Violet’s Sweetie Shop & Coffee Shop

Vida Court has it’s very own Violet’s sweetie shop and coffee shop located in the central Plaza. The area is for families and friends to visit with their loved one. You can visit the coffee shop, enjoy music and a warm beverage or glass of wine.


Cinema & Faith Room

Offering a 8 seater cinema room located in the central Plaza for residents and families to enjoy movies together. The private Faith Room at Vida Court has been designed to provide a quiet space for Vida’s staff and families.


Laundry Service

We also offer a full laundry service which uses ‘Ozone’ technology for added peace of mind, helping to keep clothes hygienically clean without the use of harmful chemicals. It is certified to kill coronavirus.



Physiotherapy, Chiropodist & Hair Dresser

Private physiotherapy and chiropodist services are available at Vida Court at an additional cost.

However, families are invited to utilise these services at their own discretion, please contact our team for more information.

We also offer hair dressing services at an additional cost by our in-house hair dresser or the use of our hair salon for private use.


Date of inspection
7 August 2023

Registered by Care Quality Commission

Registered by Care Quality Commission

The Outstanding Society

The Outstanding Society

GBCA National Winner 2021

Great British Care Awards 2021 National Winner

Dementia Forward

Dementia Forward

Accolades 2015/16 Winner

Skills For Care Accolades Winner 2015/16

Great British Care Awards 2019 Regional Winner

Great British Care Awards 2019 Regional Winner

GBCA 2021 Reg Winner

Great British Care Awards 2021 Regional Winner

Great British Care Awards 2022 National Winner

Great British Care Awards 2022 National Winner