Working as a Well-being Facilitator at Vida Hall, by Imogen Collier

I joined Vida Hall in Starbeck as a Well-being Facilitator in Summer 2018 and I can honestly say that it is the most enjoyable job I have ever had!

My role is incredibly varied. My days involve taking residents on trips out to the local coffee shop, park (or more recently to a petting farm!). Facilitating visits from musical performers, therapy animals, spending time reassuring residents who are experiencing distress or confusion, or just simply keeping somebody company and having a chat.

I have a real interest in people and I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to work with people living with dementia and to form authentic and meaningful relationships with our residents. I can’t count the number of moments I have shared with residents which have genuinely moved me.

My passion for dementia care began when my own grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I studied for a degree in Psychology and I am currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology. As a result, I am very interested in how the activities, experiences and interactions we provide at Vida Healthcare can enhance our residents’ physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being.

In addition, to my work directly with residents, I really enjoy spending time with residents’ family members and loved ones. This helps me to better get to know our residents’ life histories, interests and needs. I really value being able to reassure families and provide their loved ones with enjoyable experiences and nice little moments – I know that I would want the same reassurance if my Nana was living in a residential care setting.

Imogen Collier, Well-being Facilitator at Vida Hall

Finally, I feel very lucky to work alongside and support the talented and compassionate care team that we have at Vida Hall. It is so evident that the staff truly care about each individual resident and are invested in their well-being.