We are all leaders

I have been working in the healthcare sector for over fourteen years as both a carer and Registered Nurse. When I left university, I was unsure of what career path to take. My mum had been a nurse for over thirty years and it was a job I had always respected.  She talked so fondly of her profession that it inspired me to apply for a nursing course. The course itself is structured in such a way that it gives you both the theoretical and practical skills needed to start your nursing journey.

Nursing continues to change as new research, government focus and an aging population has encouraged us to look at the way in which we can deliver quality care. It is an exciting time of change and as a nurse I feel I am in a position where I can make a real difference to the profession and the residents in which I support.

Career advancement is possible if that is the direction in which someone would like to go, however, there are also ample training opportunities in various areas if someone would like to specialise in certain clinical areas. Having a Nursing registration has opened up many opportunities and given me the skills I need to develop in various healthcare roles.

We are all leaders and can inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals. I gain great satisfaction in seeing junior nurses and carers develop into competent professionals. I see the effect of this daily in the well-being of the residents in which we support. I see this with the positive feedback we receive from family members, who have the trust to leave loved ones in our care.

David Fieldhouse, Trainee Home Manager, Vida Grange