This months social care hero for Vida Hall is… Simon Walton
Simon has been with Vida for 3 years; first starting his journey at Vida Grange and then more recently transitioning to Vida Hall.
Simon is humble, understated and often seen in the background.
Simon is dedicated, hardworking and has kindness in abundance. Simon offers the warmest of welcomes and mentors all new starters to the team.
Simon works within Glades Nursing house caring for those with complex physical health needs and advanced dementia.
When Simon is supporting his residents the most beautiful of interactions with are often witnessed or heard. Simon is so patient and respectful; he never rushes a person and makes them feel valued and the focus of his attention always.
We often talk of the ‘mum test’… if I had to put my parents in the care of others, I’d wish for a carer like Simon and the values he stands for.
Thank you for everything Simon, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Simon Walton