At night I long

For you to hold me tight

​To once again

Feel safe in your arms

As I did on our wedding night.

No one can feel my pain

I try and try

To explain

But in my heart

I feel alone

I feel it is all in vain

As how can anyone understand

The depth of this loss

This pain.

I hold so tight to the memories

Of our days gone by

To remind me of the

Love and loss

I cannot hide.

I cry in to my pillow

In the silence of the night

To remember,

To pray,

You hold your memory light.

I come to you in your new home

Stories of you singing, dancing, laughing

You are not alone,

This makes my heart rejoice.

Your light is still there for me

As your eyes catch mine

My love

As you rush to me

For a hug

I am so blessed

For your remaining light

As now you hold me tight

Time stands still

As once again

We are as one.

I see where others

Have lost their memory light,

Stare straight through

Their loved ones hopeful smiles,

Hands held so tight,

In loved ones heartbreak

You are lost

In a world where the light has dimmed

No room for your sweet

Memory light

Of those you once held tight.

I fear your loved ones cry for you,

As I do

In silence

At night.

Dementia is an enemy

That we cannot yet fight

We pray for a cure

To ignite the memory light

And for you

To once again shine so bright.

To the husbands and wives

To the sons and the daughters

To all family members

I feel your plight!

You are not alone,

Don’t cry tonight.

Now instead of feeling sad at night

I think of you

And your memory light

My heart feels better

As where I once was

Now caring “Angels” hold you tight.

With love each day

They will continue to guide

Your memory light.


By a Vida Healthcare staff member