Dying Matters and Focus of End Of Life Care at Vida Healthcare.

What is the ethos for End Of Life Care at Vida Healthcare?

At Vida Healthcare, we are aware that sadly dementia is a life limiting disease and all of our residents are living with a terminal illness. The person-centred care that we provide aims to embrace the best possible moments in each day, with each resident living with choice, hope and dignity, even when moving towards their last days and hours of life.

 Our whole focus of care is: –

  • Most life promoting time possible.
  • Making each day meaningful and positive.
  • To connect at every level possible to understand the specific needs of each individual.
  • To ensure comfort and safety – this is a fundamental and basic human need and essential to maintain well-being and dignity.
  • Understanding and creating relationships with everyone who is important to our residents.

Dementia eventually affects the whole brain and body which can gradually cause an increased risk of infection, frailty and dependence. Unfortunately, times of deterioration do occur in your loved one’s condition and complications can occur. It is difficult to predict what the outcome might be as our residents become more unwell. Making decisions at these times about how and where care might be given can be traumatic and distressing, especially if there is a possibility that there might only be weeks or days left to live.  

Death and dying can be very hard to think and talk about, especially when you have been caring for your loved one for so long. You might feel guilty and that you are betraying someone you care deeply about by talking about end of life choices. The team here at Vida, recognise that it is very important to try to ensure that our residents and all those who care and love for them are as clear as possible about their wishes and choices. We want to talk to you about anything that you feel is important. We are committed to ensuring that we are transparent in what the options are at this time in order to give hope for peace, individualised care and important moments together, even at the end of life.

At Vida Healthcare, we also recognise that the time after death can be very difficult and painful. Everyone reacts differently experiencing a wide range of emotions. All feelings are normal in a very sad and difficult situation. We do offer on-going support and guidance, as family members continue to be a part of the care we provide in to the weeks beyond your loved one dying.

Trish Keogh, End Of Life Practitioner