Anna Pattison, I’ve never done anything this big before!

Anna Pattison from Harrogate is dedicated to helping improve peoples lives living with dementia. She recently completed a walk of 117km in Spain and as her employer we certainly couldn’t be more proud of her! Anna helped to raise well over £700 for Alzheimer’s Society! Read her story below.

Alzheimer’s Society is transforming the landscape of dementia forever. Until the day we find a cure, we will create a society where those affected by dementia are supported and accepted, able to live in their community without fear or prejudice.

I work with lovely people who have Alzeimers and dementia and I see the destruction that it causes to them and their families. I hope that by raising money it can help towards putting a stop to this awful disease.

I’ve never done anything this big before and those who know me know that I’m not a huge fan of walking and this may be my demise. So why not raise money in the process.

The full walk is over 800km and goes from Paris, over the Pyrenees and then across northern Spain and takes at least a month. Thankfully I don’t have to do that. Phew. The group I am walking with are doing the last 117km from Sarria to Santiago de Compestello over 5 days during Holy Week. Here we will receive the final stamp on our pilgrims passport and receive our pilgrims certificate. (Then drink sangria and sleep).

Thank you in advance for standing with me.x