We love sharing great feedback at Vida Healthcare, this time from Vida Hall. Take a read below to see what Jan has to say about her Mothers stay at the award winning care home in Starbeck.

Dear Wendy,

I popped a card into Woodlands to thank the staff for all the care and compassion they gave to mum during her time at Vida Hall.

I also wanted to drop you a line to let you know that having mum cared for so well has meant to me.

When mum arrived at Woodlands in August 2016 it was a difficult decision to make and to entrust the person who is closest to you to strangers. Those strangers I feel now are not only friends but part of our family. Our lives, always so private and personal become shared with others, there are lots of adjustments to make, as well as the struggle with your loved one having dementia.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that bringing my mum to Vida Hall was the best decision we could possibly have made.

Without exception everyone who has helped looked after mum, not just the staff on the actual unit, many other people too, were exceptionally caring. In situations like this we all observe each other – us the staff and you the families. You have an amazing bunch of people at Vida Hall. Lots of different personalities but with a common thread running through each and every one of them – a genuine interest in delivering the best care they can possibly give to the residents.

I take comfort in the fact that throughout her stay she was loved, comforted and maintained her dignity.

With love, Jan x