Vida Hall’s Support Social Care Heroes nomination for July goes to Mr Oliver Ong, our beloved ‘Oli’.
You can’t put into words what Oliver brings to Vida; he is Vida, he is the Monarch of the Vida family, he is our vision and our values.
When Oliver is off, you can feel his absence. When he is on shift, you can feel he is there without seeing or hearing him. If we could bottle a bit of Oli magic, we’d be a millionaire’s.
Oliver treats everyone like a VIP; our residents, all staff and their families, even on the toughest days when we are looking bedraggled he tells us we are beautiful. He really is in it together. When Oliver is tired or stressed you’d never know and he never says no, he is so precious and kind to us all. His attention to detail in the care he gives is exemplary.
Thank you Oli for being you!
Vida Hall Oliver Ong