Wendy Korcy, Vida Hall, Starbeck, Harrogate
Wendy Korcu,
Registered Home Manager

I always wanted to be a Nurse, even from being a small child; I always felt it was my calling. To be honest, I cannot imagine being anything else or not being able to nurse and care for people.  Nursing is not a job for me, it’s just who I am.

As Home Manager of Vida Hall, I am so delighted that I can still keep my hand in and personally care for my residents as well as support my team and families in a management capacity.  It makes me so proud to be the person enabling and promoting our excellent high standards of care and recruiting other Nurses and Carers to join our fabulous care team.

It has been over 30 years that I have been a Registered Nurse and nothing makes me prouder. I have had many different Nursing roles but none as fulfilling as working at Vida Hall in Starbeck, Harrogate, as Registered Home Manager.

Nursing can be challenging at times and it is undoubtedly hard work but there have been so many rewarding moments for me in my career, and I know this will continue. It could be something as simple as seeing a plan come together or being with a smiling resident or hearing positive feedback from a family member. These are priceless and memorable moments for me. I hope in my heart of hearts, I have made a difference to people’s lives through my nursing and will always continue to strive for excellence and happiness for those I care for.

Is Nursing a vocation? Well it is for me!

Wendy Korcu

Registered Home Manager